TransForm is a DTU Nanotech project where a patent-pending technology adds novel features to injection-molded plastic parts, such as super-hydrophobicity.

Scientists are currently collaborating to explore the applicability and commercial potential of this new technology.

Applications using TransForm’s technology

The technology adds features to molded products and covers a range of applications including super-hydrophobicity and advanced welding seams. TransForm can process injection-molding tools and incorporate the technology in existing or new moulds for the manufacturing industry.

A key advantage of the TransForm technology is that any modification is applied directly to the mold, thus circumventing any cumbersome back-end processing.

Support from DTU

TransForm emerged from the cross-disciplinary environment at DTU Nanotech (Technical University of Copenhagen, Denmark). Here scientists discovered the promising technique and identified a number of potential applications. Further investigation revealed commercial potential and DTU decided to support the project through counseling and funding of IP protection.